Protect the Content of Your Video with a Live Streaming Solution

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March 11, 2021

Live Streaming Video

The live streaming sites are making a significant presence in the present time. The sites allow broadcasters to deliver live or on-demand video content securely to the users and protect the content effectively.

Video piracy is one of the biggest issues in the present time. Piracy affects the overall business and profit as well. Using a secure live streaming platform will not only help you in protecting your content, but it will also allow you to get connected with your audience directly.

Unauthorized access can compromise the revenue-boosting strategies of subscription and pay-per-view services. This is why working with a secure live streaming platform is crucial for all broadcasters.

Before joining a live streaming video to broadcast your content, you need to consider the important features that make the platform secure for your business. Here we have mentioned the top 5 important features of a video streaming site.

  1. Password protection:

Password protection is one of the basic, but important features, which grants you to restrict your video or live streaming access. It will only allow users, who have the right to access your videos with the selected password.

It is a great way to launch private videos with a limited audience. So, you can easily decide your audience and share your private videos with a smaller audience and prevent threats easily as well.

  1. Geographical restrictions:

Piracy affects the overall profit of your company. If you want to prevent piracy, then geographical (IP) restriction is one of the effective solutions for you. The IP restriction will allow you to whitelist or blacklist the specific countries. It will block the users automatically from a country on the blacklist.

This feature will help you to block pirates that operate from different countries and enjoy a secure video streaming solution as well.

  1. Referrer restrictions:

The referrer restrictions are pretty similar to the geographical restrictions. Instead of an IP address, it works based on the referrer. It allows broadcasters to prepare a whitelist or blacklist of websites, which are authorized to share your content or not.

It will allow you to provide limited access to the websites, which are authorized to access and share your content. It will add protection to your content successfully.

  1. Copyright control:

Copyright control is one of the effective ways to protect your content. Whenever you post your content on social media platforms, the risk of piracy and free downloads is increased.

A secure live streaming site allows broadcasters to prevent free downloading of the videos. So, it will be harder for pirates to copy your content by using free downloading tools.

  1. HTTPS delivery:

The man-in-the-middle or MITM is a malicious type of attack, which involves intercepting data in transit. These attacks can be also used to impersonate a website as well.

A reliable streaming site follows HTTPS delivery, which uses encryptions like certificates, signatures, and encryption keys against the MITM attacks, which ensure the security of your data completely and protect your content as well.

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